Architectural review benefits everyone.

It is a process for both creating and upholding the quality and value of the community. The objective of the Architectural Design Policies and Procedures is to ensure that Elbow Valley will have a cohesive personality and distinctive standard today and in the future, while still encouraging innovative design expression. This way, residents may take pride in their own homes, their neighborhood and all of Elbow Valley.

The Architectural Design Committee, together with consulting partners, are responsible for managing and enforcing Elbow Valley community architectural guidelines. The intent of this group is to make the renovation design process as simple as possible – a design partnership – to see that each home fits perfectly with its surroundings and with the overall character of the community.

The Architectural Design Committee has developed and implemented policies and procedures which are intended to manage and maintain the character of the community. Please be aware that the Architectural Guidelines form an integral part of the Elbow Valley Community and, as such, are legally enforceable and are registered on your title by way of a restrictive covenant.



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