This history of this splendid area is important to the vision for development and care of the Elbow Valley Community. The sense of respect for nature and awareness of history come together in the community’s Lott Creek Interpretive area. This sanctuary of nature features is called the Bishop Gray Interpretive Centre (named after the land’s original homesteader). The Interpretive Centre, located at the edge of Lott Creek, was built for educational purposes. Displays are intended to highlight the natural and human history of the site. The Centre is also the gateway to an array of paths and trails carefully positioned to protect and share the natural landscape. It is also a place where you can come and reflect on the beauty and history of Elbow Valley.

Built as one of the projects funded by the Communities Forever Program, the site features observation decks above Lott Creek (See view below) and a covered meeting area containing interpretive information.

The Bishop Gray Interpretive Area, comprising the balance of Lott Creek Valley, will be preserved as a natural interpretive area. Due to the sensitivity of these lands, access is guided by nature trails that loop through the area, starting and ending at the Bishop Gray Interpertive Center, The trail system and the landscape design help prevent damage to the lands, while allowing residents to enjoy their full beauty. These lands are maintained in their natural state. Obeservation points, benches and boardwalks provide views of beaver, blue heron, deer and other wildlife habitats.

The Bishop Gray Interpretive Center is named after Henry Allen Gray, who first homesteaded these lands in 1889 and subsequently became the first Anglican archbishop of Edmonton.



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