The board of directors of EVRC has the primary and fundamental decision making authority for EVRC. The directors owe a duty of good faith and fidelity to EVRC and must perform their roles from the perspective of the best interests of the community as a whole. In the past, on an ongoing basis, there was a practice of seeking to have, where feasible, overlapping directorships between directors of the condominium corporations and the EVRC. This has the benefit of maximizing coordination and communication among these seven entities and it also has the effect of providing for more regionalized representation on the board of EVRC thereby taking into account the interests of different geographic parts of the Elbow Valley community. 

Effective with filing of the Bylaws as amended in 2016, the number of Directors is not less than three (3) or more than fifteen (15). The most recent past President of the Club shall automatically be deemed appointed and elected as a member of the Board for a term expiring at the end of the next annual general meeting.  At the annual general meeting half of the elected Directors are elected each year for a two year term, to provide for overlap and continuity.  All Directors must meet the standard Board membership requirements of Elbow Valley Residency and maximum number of terms. 

From amongst their numbers and after each election, the directors appoint or elect the officers of EVRC being, at minimum, the president, secretary, treasurer, all major committee chairs, any vice president or the like.

Meetings of the board of directors of the six bare land Condominiums are elected for a term of one year. There are a maximum of seven (7) directors per Condominium Corporation.



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