Residents' Club Fees

Lot (property) types and community Condominium Fees (unit contributions) fall into one of four categories. Listed from lowest monthly fee to highest, the four lot types are the following

  1. Semi-detached lots/homes

  2. Detached lots/homes

  3. Fisherman’s Bend and Acreage Lots/Homes

  4. Lake Lots/Homes

Actual monthly fees by lot type can be obtained by contacting the Property Manager here.

The collection of these fees is the subject of a legal Encumbrance registered on the title of each Lot in Elbow Valley.

Prior to the issuance of an Estoppel Certificate to allow the resale of a lot/home, delinquent Homeowner Association Fees and/or other assessments must be paid out.

The Elbow Valley Residents’ Club covers its expenses through the collection of a monthly fee from homeowners in the community and covers common expenses such as:

  • Maintenance of all commonly owned facilities (Residents’ Club, lakes, roads, underground services, pathways, other buildings, docks, lakes and ponds),

  • Snow removal from all roads and pathways in the community,

  • Landscaping of the Common Lands,

  • Homeowner garbage removal,

  • Utilities, 

  • Private Security for the community,

  • Administration and management of the community through a General Manager and staff,

  • Insurance for commonly held assets, general liability insurance and Directors and Officers liability for Board Members and Committee Volunteers,

  • Municipal taxes for Common Lands,

  • Some social activities,

  • Professional fees for legal and audit.

Annual Budgets and audited Financial Statements are provided to Homeowners annually.

Annual budgets are revised April 1 of every year and are summarized in this diagram:

Budget 2019 2020 pie chart.jpg



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