Lakes and ponds within Elbow Valley are all a part of the natural drainage of the Elbow River system and the surface runoff control for the community. As such, they come under the control of the Alberta government department of the environment. The care and maintenance of these waterways must adhere to the rules and regulations administered by this department.

Elbow Valley Lake and Fisherman’s Lake are essentially wide spots in Lott Creek. A control structure has been built where Lott Creek would normally flow into EV Lake and under normal flow conditions the creek is diverted around these two lakes to a point below the weir. Under flood conditions, the floodwater is intended to overtop the control structure and some of it is diverted into EV Lake where it passes to Fisherman’s Lake through the connection channel, over the weir and downstream into Lott Creek.

Several other ponds and wetlands have been created throughout EV for the purpose of retaining and filtering surface runoff water through natural means before it is returned to the Elbow river. These ponds also contribute to the overall look of the community.

A weir at the bottom of Fisherman’s Lake, which is visible from the bridge, establishes the level of that lake. In order to replace the water lost to seepage and evaporation, an augmentation well is connected to the two lakes through a pipeline system originating at the Reflection Pond. It is operated to deliver fresh groundwater to either lake. Normally the well is pumping into the Elbow Valley Lake and the overflow from there replenishes Fisherman’s lake through the connection channel. A small volume of water will flow over the weir under most climatic and operating conditions.

Contrary to common belief, this system is not designed to produce enough surplus water to generate a waterfall over the weir. However, a small volume of water will flow over the weir under most climatic and operating conditions.

Fisherman’s Lake, is annually stocked with trout at a cost to the community.  Recreational fishing is intended for the enjoyment of those of us living in Elbow Valley and, as an amenity, its maintenance is funded through your condominium fees.

This is a wonderful feature that is the envy of many other communities and, unfortunately, attracts the attention of many non-residents who like to fish. Please take it upon yourself as an owner to assist us to discourage this practice. Most non-residents, when challenged, will recognize and respect the private status of the lakes.

While it is nice to bring a meal home for your family it is also important to be cognizant of conservation.

If you fish, we recommend a catch and release practice. 



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