Elbow Valley Clubhouse

Elbow Valley Clubhouse is the perfect for Bridal/Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Anniversary/Engagement parties, Wedding Receptions, Corporate Parties or any special occasion you may be planning and not listed here.  The Clubhouse itself is warm and inviting, a place for your guests to relax and enjoy. The surrounding area is beautiful for taking photos every month of the year without exception.

For more information regarding rates and availability or to tour the clubhouse please contact clientservices@elbowvalley.org

Lending Libraries at the Clubhouse

We now have both an Adult Lending Library and a Children's Lending Library at the Clubhouse for EV families to use.  Leave a book and take a book in it's place.  There is something for everyone in these book collections and they are here for all to enjoy.

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Bear Activity in Elbow Valley

When you live in bear country; the imprint you leave on these animals makes you responsible for what happens to them. A bear in a community which has attractant’s available to them is less likely to leave on their own choosing and the eventuality is that Fish & Wildlife will have no choice but to trap and move the bear. Below is some information that was shared by Fish & Wildlife with EVRC in this morning’s meeting.


Ø  Bears that access human foods become food conditioned and a serious public safety concern.


Ø  Bears that do not obtain food rewards will move on once they realize that food is unavailable, negating the need to trap and relocate the animal.


Ø  The majority of black bears have already entered their dens by now.


Ø  Bears that do not receive food rewards at this time of the year are likely to den up. If they continue to obtain food rewards they will not den up as readily.


Ø  Trapping and relocating bears is largely unsuccessful, particularly late in the fall just prior to bears denning. This is not a preferable option and is considered a last resort.


Ø  For all these reason, it is so important to secure your garbage and other attractants like birdfeeders and fruit trees.  Being proactive and doing this will reduce levels of bear activity in your area and the need to trap and relocate bears.  



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