People thinking about moving into Elbow Valley


1.  Fee's- What are the fees, what do these fees cover, how many fees are associated with my property, how do I pay my fees?

2.  Architectural Changes- What changes can I do to my property, what trees can I plant, can I do add on's to my house, can I build a            fence, what is the process?

3.  Pets- Are their size limitations, how many can you have, where are the off-leash areas, can you walk your dog anywhere?

4.  Schools- What schools are my options, public, separate, is there bussing?

5.  Services- How would I sign up for electricity, water, garbage, sewage, cable/internet? (what providers work out here)

6.  Parking- Do you allow parking on the street, do you need a parking pass?

7.  Recycling- Do you provide this, how do I sign up, how much is it, how do I get a bin?

8.  Where is the closest Fire Hall?

9.  Amenities- How do I sign out a boat, do I have to pay money to rent a boat and/or a fire pit, can I book the tennis/basketball court         for a private function, can I bring friends who don't live in Elbow to the beach, what are the rules on life jackets, do you have a life          guard on site, can I rent out the club house, can my friends and I go over to the club house for coffee?

10. Is Elbow Valley connected to city waste water? Unlike most communities in the area Elbow Valley is connected to city waste water.



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