• Respect and enjoyment of Nature is one of the guiding principles of the Elbow Valley Community. Much effort has been put into maintaining natural areas in and around Elbow Valley and because this is a natural area, you can expect an abundance of animal life. You will often see various species that travel through Elbow Valley during the course of their normal, natural daily routines. Elbow Valley does not attempt to control these movements nor discourage the animals presence.

  • As an owner, you may encounter various kinds of animal life that have ‘adapted’ to your presence and that have established a regular presence on your lot.

  • Individual owners are responsible for indoor & outdoor pest control on their own lot. This includes efforts to control mice, voles, wasps etc

  • Please refer to local business directories for pest control Hire your own pest control people / exterminator.

  • Contact Rocky View County for information and guidance pertaining to pest control.



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