• Maximum of six pets, including dogs, cats, reptiles and any kind of animal, except fish

  • Maximum of three dogs per unit

  • Maximum of three cats per unit

  • Any animal, other than a cat or dog, shall not exceed 10 kg

  • Any pet causing unreasonable disturbance may be removed on order of the Board

  • Owners are responsible for picking up all pet excrement. Disposal bags and garbage cans are available throughout the neighbourhood

  • There is only one off leash area - on the South side between the burm and Highway 8. See Map.

  • Everywhere else your pet must be on a leash

  • Excrement pick-up rules apply everywhere, including off-leash areas

  • In all cases, the decision of the Board on pet situations is final

  • You must not feed birds from windows, patios or other parts of your home

  • These rules are not arbitrarily stated, but are designed to allow Elbow Valley to remain a natural preserve for wildlife while ensuring continued safety for Residents and their pets.

  • For examples, bird feeding is generally prohibited since scattered seeds not only attract birds, but also mice and larger animals. In turn, the mice attract coyotes and the coyotes and larger animals can prove dangerous to humans and pets in Elbow Valley. Please try and leave the environment the way it was before we all came to enjoy Elbow Valley.

Click on the map below to see an enlargement of the areas marked for off leash 



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