Resident's are welcome to drop in to use the Resident's Club during office hours. The Club is available for residents to get together for things like book clubs, mom and tot groups and card games at no charge. It is open to all residents at no charge, we would just ask that you clean up any mess you make and restore it to original condition.

The Residents Club at Elbow Valley is a non smoking, two-level facility. The Residents Club is available for people to drop in during the day between 9:00am -5:00pm.

The Club features a fully functioning furnished 1200 sq ft main floor level consisting of a comfortable eight person boardroom, kitchenette, washroom and a wood burning fireplace. A large deck wraps around three sides of the main floor providing an extended main floor gathering place. The existing furniture arrangement seats up to 40 people comfortably. 

The lower level is an unfurnished 1200 sq ft open concept area that is adaptable to a number of types of activities. It features a full kitchen, dance floor, washrooms and a large wrap-around patio extending out towards the adjoining lake front.


Additional items available for use include coffee urns (3), hot water containers (2), chairs (8), tables.

Who can book the club?

The club is available exclusively to owners in Elbow Valley for events that they will be attending. It is mandatory that the resident booking the club must be of at least 25 years of age and must be present at the event booked. Residents booking the club are responsible for protecting the club during the event and shall be held responsible for any/all damages that occur during the event. As a result they are expected to adequately supervise the use of the facility to ensure compliance with booking obligations.

How do I book the club?

Booking the Club can be done either by calling the Residents Club at 403-240-4386, or, by visiting the club in person during business hours.

What are the costs associated with booking the club?

There are two types of events that can be booked at the Club:


Community Events

Residents of Elbow Valley may book and use the Residents Club at no charge for Community Events (events that are open to the entire community). The expectation is that the facility will be cleaned to a level that you encountered it when you arrived and ready for the next event.


Private Functions

Residents of Elbow Valley may book and use the Residents Club for Private Functions at an hourly rate that is charged for use of the facility and contents. Please call 403-240-4386 to book the facility and arrange for your specific needs. A $500.00 security deposit is required for each booking. Booking fees and security deposit cheques are to be made payable to Elbow Valley Residents Club. They should be delivered in person to the Residents Club. The Residents Club building located at 100 Misty Morning Drive. Security deposits will be returned in full if there have been no incidents of damage, or, if there has been no requirement to engage 3rd party cleaning services to restore the Club to its original condition.


You will receive a key and instructions for operating the security alarms on the day of your walkthrough. These will be for the day of your event. Keys must be returned to the Club the day following your event. Failure to do so will result in a $500.00 charge.

Can I serve alcohol?

Yes you can serve alcohol at your event providing you have done the following:


Obtained a liquor licence and provide it to the Residents Club three days prior to the event.

Obtained Liquor Liability Insurance. This can be done through the Residents Club.

Designated a responsible person to act as a bartender. The designate cannot consume any liquor during your event.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. All events must end by 10:00 P.M. on weeknights (including Sunday) and 1:00am on Friday and Saturday evening events. Clean-up is to commence immediately following the event. This is a residential community; We ask that you be considerate of neighbours who live in the vicinity of the Residents Club.


Where can we park?

The parking lot at the Residents Club has a capacity to hold 42 vehicles. Please note that the street where the Residents Club is located (Misty Morning Drive) is not especially wide. It also serves as an emergency route for fire/police/ambulance services and because of this, it can NOT accommodate ANY parking. The resident who books the facility is expected to inform all attendees that they are restricted from parking on Misty Morning Drive, and, to supervise compliance with the applicable parking restrictions. For safety reasons, improperly parked cars may be subject to ticketing and/or towing all at the car owners cost.


What are my responsibilities?

Without exception all liquor, food and personal belongings must be removed from the Club immediately following your event


Garbage must be bagged and left outside in the receptacles on the lower patio.


Refrigerator, if used, must be cleaned out.


Fireplace: is available for your enjoyment. Please use the gas only to start the fire then shut it off. Ensure the flue is open prior to starting the fire. The fireplace must be completely out and the glass doors closed before leaving. The key for the gas is available through the residents Club manager.


When your event is over, and you are preparing to leave the Residents Club, you are expected to have restored it to the condition in which you found it and fully ready to accommodate the next event. 

Please be aware that the Residents Club is used regularly and that may mean multiple events during the weekend in the day time and evenings. If you desire, the Residents Club manager will arrange for cleaners to clean the Residents Club on your behalf and at an additional cost.

Can I decorate the Residents Club?

Absolutely Yes. The caveat is that nothing is to be used to hang pictures or decorations that will ultimately deface the club or damage walls and paint finishes. Please be aware that many forms of tape fall into this category. Using wall tacks is strictly prohibited. No Confetti, Rice etc. There will be an additional cost of $100.00 to clean if used.



Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Saturday-Sunday Closed

Holidays Closed


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