A private security firm is contracted to patrol the common property and amenities of Elbow Valley to protect against vandalism and theft of community property, trespassing, and unauthorized usage of community facilities.

The security contractor does not patrol individual homes by request, or provide other personal services not authorized by the Elbow Valley Board of Directors.

Responsibility for home security rests solely with each owner, through personal security awareness and measures and/or use of a private home alarm service.

The Scope of Work for security services, in general, is to:

  • Act as a deterrent and, when available, a ‘first response’ resource to break-ins.

  • Control non-resident usage of community facilities.

  • Act as a deterrent to community vandalism by residents and non-residents.

  • Control improper usage of community facilities.

  • Monitor and record parking violations for enforcement through the M.D. and/or the E.V.R.C.

Comments and Incident Reporting

To report specific incidents after they have occurred, contact the General Manager.

To report problems or incidents while they are occurring during evenings or weekends, contact the Security Provider who's number is 1-403-860-4191.

To report serious criminal or violent incidents, contact the RCMP at 911.



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