Sports Area 

Sports area is available on the north side of Elbow Valley. An area of grass just north of the playground is groomed for soccer, football or frisbee.

Ice Rink



A few years ago, EVRC received requests to put a land rink in so that people could skate and play hockey earlier in the season, before the ice was thick enough on Clearwater Lake (North) and Fisherman’s Lake (South).

The first year EVRC put two land rinks in, one on the north side and one on the south side, but the feedback we received from residents was that the rinks were too small. The following year EVRC put one bigger rink on the north side and it had limited use. When EVRC looked at the costs it was approximately $13,000 to put the larger land rink in and maintain through the winter.  EVRC feel that this is not necessarily a good use of funds because ultimately it doesn't solve the issue of getting more people on the ice. What EVRC Board of Directors have decided to do this year is to look at lighter equipment so that the ice can be cleared earlier on the lakes and to increase the size of the skating and playing surfaces particularly on the south side so that there are more opportunities for people to use the ice. EVRC hopes that this makes sense to you and that the rinks will be able to open as soon as the ice is thick enough to put equipment on to prepare the surface.

Currently the ice on Fisherman’s Lake (South) is only about 8” thick and it is soft in the middle. As Clearwater Lake has water moving under the ice it is not as thick and both are still too dangerous to put equipment on them.



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