Elbow Valley has a well developed trail network, providing all residents with easy access to walking, hiking and cycling opportunities. The trail network includes a regional pathway and a series of narrower, more intimate trails. The regional pathway paralleling Lott Creek Drive will eventually connect to the City of Calgary pathway system to the east and to Bragg Creek to the west. The regional pathway has an asphalt surface.

The series of narrower trails leading from the regional pathway to the various residential cells and community amenities have surfaces of either asphalt or crushed stone. In some instances existing game trails have been improved to minimize disturbance of natural areas. The trails through natural areas provide access to wildlife viewing and bird watching opportunities. Viewing areas and rest stops with benches are provided at appropriate locations.

The pathways and trails are graded to ensure drainage of surface water to avoid muddy sections. Boardwalks have been built through wetland areas and footbridges cross Lott Creek where required. A series of trail network signs, interpretive signs and distance markers have been installed at appropriate locations to orient and inform trail users.


The trail network includes nearly 4.5 km of asphalt pathway and approximately 15 km of crushed stone trails.



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