A primary focus of development at Elbow Valley has been to conserve and protect the natural landscape, and in some instances, to create naturalized landscapes. The heavily treed slope adjacent to Lott Creek, the slopes above the Elbow River, and the rolling hill tops with an abundance of native grasses and wild flowers are to be conserved. The natural areas should generally be left alone. Changes may occur, but as long as the changes result from natural causes, intervention is not recommended. There is one exception to this rule: the control and eradication of noxious plants. The following noxious weeds which are included on the Provincial Noxious Weeds List, are known to have infested some areas in Elbow Valley.

Elbow Valley Policy

It is your responsibility to keep your land free of weeds. Elbow Valley will maintain the common lands.

  • Management of noxious weeds on your property is your responsibility. The list of noxious weeks designated by Rocky View County is listed above.

  • Management of noxious weeds on Common Lands is the responsibility of Elbow Valley.

  • If you see noxious weeds on common lands, please email the Elbow Valley General Manager at gm@elbowvalley.org. arrangements may be made to have them removed or treated.



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